Welcome to the blog of the Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service and its project, the Center for Pro Bono.

Some of you may remember the Pro Bono Exchange, published by the Center for Pro Bono until the late 1990s. The Pro Bono Exchange offered information about pro bono delivery models, updates from the Center for Pro Bono, program news, and other reflections on issues affecting pro bono. It provided members of the legal and pro bono community a vehicle through which to share innovations and thoughts.

This blog revives the tradition of the Exchange for the 21st century by providing a space online for similar content with a more interactive exchange of ideas through guest posts and comments. Our intent is for this blog to be a venue where people interested in the expansion of the pro bono legal services delivery system can discuss of and reflect on how that might be accomplished. Together we can exchange ideas about exciting new models, what’s happening in various practice settings, approaches for changing the culture of pro bono, the role of leadership and much more.

We invite you to check back often, comment on posts, and submit your own content for consideration as a guest post. And we look forward to creating with you an exchange of information and ideas that contributes to improved and expanded pro bono delivery.

A. Michael Pratt
Chair, ABA Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service

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