30 Ways State Bar Associations Can Support Pro Bono

1. Adopt a resolution affirming the importance of and\or continued support for pro bono.

2.Adopt a resolution\support amending the state’s Rule 6.1 to be consistent with the current Model Rule 6.1.

3. Assign vice president/president-elect responsibility for overseeing pro bono activity of the bar.

4. Require\encourage each committee\section chair to report on how the committee\section can enhance, promote, facilitate or participate in pro bono.

5. Establish or reactivate a committee on pro bono legal services, chaired by the president-elect.

6. Ensure that presentations on the unmet needs of low income persons and the status of pro bono are made regularly to the Board of Governors.

7. Exact commitment from state’s (largest) law firms to enhance their pro bono efforts.

8. Encourage the state to establish and develop pro bono policy for its attorney employees.

9. Establish and develop a pro bono policy for state bar employees.

10. Conduct a statewide survey of attorney pro bono participation.

11. In collaboration with pro bono providers, develop and execute a statewide pro bono publicity and recruiting campaign.

12. Establish or enhance the position of a statewide staff position to support pro bono programs.

13. Publicize pro bono need and activity regularly in publications.

14. Establish a pro bono “presence” at state bar conferences through tables, speakers, etc.

15. Designate a “pro bono week” and\or request governor to do so for the National Pro Bono Celebration.

16. Assist pro bono organizations with recruitment, from the bar at large and from substantive sections.

17. Engage in recruitment and facilitate participation of retired attorneys.

18. Encourage new admittees to accept pro bono legal cases, for example, by assisting them to sign up at their swearing‑in ceremony.

19. Provide recognition of volunteers.

20. Adopt a procedure for officially recognizing and supporting pro bono legal programs, and maintain a list of such recognized programs.

21. Provide reduced fee or free CLE for pro bono attorneys.

22. Assist in training of volunteers by providing seminars on relevant topics and\or by identifying\providing mentors.

23. Study the need for and, if needed, the establishment of a mechanism for providing malpractice insurance to pro bono attorneys.

24. In collaboration with legal services and pro bono providers, institute or expand a fundraising campaign in the state.

25. Encourage law firms in state to make financial contributions to legal services and pro bono providers.

26. Encourage individual attorneys to make donations to legal services and pro bono programs.

27. Coordinate and stimulate pro bono activity by other statewide professional associations, particularly those related to the legal system such as court reporters, secretaries, and paralegals.

28. Propose legislation, if necessary, to allow government attorneys to perform pro bono legal services.

29. Request local bars to report on or develop an action plan for local efforts to enhance pro bono activities in their area.

30. Send at least one association representative to the annual ABA/NLADA Equal Justice Conference to learn from others how they support pro bono.

How does your bar association support pro bono? If you do something not on this list, tell us about it in the comments.

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1 Response to 30 Ways State Bar Associations Can Support Pro Bono

  1. wiprobono says:

    31. Provide grants to create or expand pro bono projects.

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