Social Media and the Equal Justice Conference

As promised, here are a few tips to help you optimize your social media experience during this year’s Equal Justice Conference in Jacksonville, Florida held May 16th – 19th. If you haven’t registered yet note that the deadline for online registration is TOMORROW! (register at


  • Know the hashtag. The hashtag for the 2012 Equal Justice Conference is #ejcjax. Please use this hashtag in tweets and to follow the conversation.
  • Make a list. Use Twitter to connect with other conference attendees by creating a Twitter list of those who will be attending the conference.
  • Meet people. Send out a tweet that includes the conference hashtag announcing, for example, that you’ll be in the hotel lounge for the next half hour and welcome the company of others.
  • Tweeting from a session? Arrive early to get a good seat and to ensure you’re plugged and logged in ahead of time. Send out a courtesy tweet at the start, identifying where you are and what you intend to do.
  • Quality beats quantity. As a general rule, aim for fewer, well-written, more thoughtful tweets, rather than a torrent of sound bites.
  • Scan other Tweets.  Refresh your search screen frequently to see what others are saying, retweet the best of these updates, and recommend your subscribers follow these fellow tweeters.


  • Check in! Whether you’re at a meetup or there’s a Facebook page associated with the event, check in. Others can’t find you if you don’t check in or give them a heads up via text, live tweets or something “live” to let them know you’re in attendance.
  • Use your smartphone! Use apps to collect attendee information, scan business cards, download .vcf cards, etc. And be sure to include a note or two about the person with their contact information. Those notes will help refresh your memory after the conference.
  • Use LinkedIn. Send out LinkedIn invitations to connect almost immediately, with a note like “it was great meeting you at the Equal Justice Conference” so they’ll be more likely to connect.
  • On Google+? Create a specific circle for the event and add those connections to that circle.
  • On Facebook? For some, you’ll want to send friend requests. Like those fanpages, including, while you’re at it.


  • Connect through your blog. Write a post about the fact that you’ll be attending the conference and let your readers know that you’d like to connect while in town, even if they’re not attending the conference. Mention this on Facebook and Twitter, too.
  • Checkout other attendees’ blogs. Keep an eye out for event recaps so you can comment.
  • Guest blog. Don’t have a blog, but want to post your thoughts on your conference experience? Submit your post to the Center for Pro Bono’s Pro Bono Exchange ( via email to


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