Have You Added Your Celebration Programs to Your Facebook Events Page?

If not you certainly should. Facebook events are a great way to let Facebook friends and followers know about the events you have planned for this year’s National Pro Bono Celebration Week as well as future pro bono events hosted by your program throughout the year. Below are a few tips for creating events:

Invite Lots of Friends!

Events are not only a great way to promote and market your Celebration programming but also serve as a vehicle to connect with confirmed and potential participants. You can add an unlimited number of guests and once they have accepted the event will show up in their news feed for all of their friends to view.

Add photos to your event

You can liven up and personalize your event by adding photos from last year’s Celebration, of staff, the location of the event or stock photos that convey the message or purpose of the program. Participants can also tag themselves while attending the event bringing more attention to the program.

Share the Event With Everyone

You can control who sees the event. Make it public and anyone using Facebook can view it. If you’d like to limit attendees you can make the invitation “invite-only.”

Share Your Videos

Upload videos both before and after your event. Share your Just Stories through your event page or post video from the actual program. Attendees can also post videos which provides an additional opportunity to interact and become personally involved with the program.

For more tips on adding events visit the Facebook Events Help Page.

Happy Posting!

~ Adrienne Packard

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