A Breath of Hope: A Great Gift for the Holidays

In this week’s post we remind you of a recent ABA publication illustrating the impact and importance of Medical-Legal Partnerships.


By Jo S. Kittenger and Illustrated by Chuck Galey

 breath of hope

A Breath of Hope tells the story of a young girl, Isabel, who suffers from chronic asthma triggered by mold in her family’s apartment. Torn between being evicted and the health of their daughter, Isabel’s doctor refers her family to the medical-legal partnership lawyer at the hospital.  Her family receives help from the lawyer who educates the family about their rights as renters and gets the mold removed from their home.

This inspiring children’s book illustrates how the legal community plays a critical role in improving the health and well-being of vulnerable children and their families.  It has recently appeared in the Shriver Center Clearinghouse Review, A New Generation in Legal Literacy as well as The New York Times, Searching for Latinos in Children’s Literature: A Reading List comment section.

A Breath of Hope provides an excellent opportunity to give back to your community this holiday season. Consider purchasing a copy to donate to your local school, library, legal aid office or children’s hospital.  It is a gift that can reach many families by sharing a story and increasing legal literacy.  A Breath of Hope can be purchased through the ABA store at www.shopaba.org  (PC: 1620500).

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1 Response to A Breath of Hope: A Great Gift for the Holidays

  1. Tony Barash says:

    How wonderful! Thanks to the Center for Pro Bono for supporting A Breath of Hope.
    You can also purchase A Breath of Hope on Amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/Breath-Hope-Jo-S-Kittinger/dp/1614384487. That way, the buyer can include a gift card in a gift wrapped purchase. Consider donating A Breath of Hope to your local school, library or legal aid program.

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