Pro Bono Holiday Gift Guide

Still searching for that perfect holiday gift? Look no further. Check out these children’s books published by ABA Publishing – Helping a Hero and Breath of Hope. These beautifully illustrated books were recently named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services by the Mom’s Choice Awards. More books in the series are under development. Single or bulk copies can be purchased at the ABA Webstore.

helping a hero

In Helping a Hero, a young girl’s uncle returns home from military service overseas a changed man—depressed, moody, unable to sleep, and unable to hold a job. The girl and a friend visit a lawyer who acts as a medical-legal partner, providing legal help to underserved communities in a hospital setting, who in turn connects the girl’s uncle with Thresholds, an organization specializing in helping returning veterans.

a breath of hope

A Breath of Hope depicts how medical-legal partnerships and legal aid can transform the lives of families in need. The text focuses on the plight of a small girl suffering with asthma because of a landlord’s neglect of an apartment contaminated with mold. Torn between being evicted and the heath of their daughter, the family is connected to a legal representative by the doctor who cares for the child.

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