Legal Providers Answer the Call to Serve Veterans

The National Celebration of Pro Bono is taking place October 23-29, 2016. The highlight of the 2016 celebration is the ABA’s Veterans Legal Services Initiative.  Participants in the 2016 celebration are encouraged to host programs focused on pro bono legal services for veterans during Pro Bono Celebration Week.  Legal services providers across the country have responded to the call for veterans’ assistance by scheduling events during the month of October that focus on veterans’ legal needs.

These events include the Stand Down event in Anchorage, AL on October 21. This event provides veterans with legal, medical, housing, and employment assistance.  Veterans wishing to attend the Anchorage Stand Down are even provided with free transportation to and from the event.  Similar events include the Homeless Veteran Stand Down in  Augusta, ME on October 22,  the Central Ohio Homeless Veterans Stand Down Clinic in Columbus, OH on October 18, and the Homeless Veterans Stand Down in Cheyenne in Cheyenne, WY on October, 27.

If you have not yet planned an event around serving veterans, never fear – there is still time. A straightforward event would be to plan a training or CLE around veterans’ issues.  You could even hold a “listening party” for the webinar, effectively Representing the Veteran Client: Legal and Cultural Basics, available here.

These are only a few of the many veterans’ assistance opportunities available during the 2016 Pro Bono Celebration week. Check out the ABA Celebrate Pro Bono website at and click on the Events tab or the Veteran’s Resources tab to find a veteran’s legal services opportunity near you!

For questions regarding the 2016 Celebrate Pro Bono week please contact us at

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2 Responses to Legal Providers Answer the Call to Serve Veterans

  1. Kim Sharitz says:

    Kansas will participate in a Stand Down on Friday, November 4. We get pro bono attorneys to provide advice during the event.

    • marissalavette says:

      Thank you for letting us know that Kim. We will go ahead and add that event to our 2016 Celebrate Pro Bono Calendar!

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