Get the Most Out of the Equal Justice Conference 2017!

EJCThe countdown is on! It’s just two weeks until the Equal Justice Conference (EJC) in Pittsburgh. As the conference approaches, we offer some advice for those who may be attending for the first time:

Build your community

We’ve all heard the exhortation to network and there’s no better place than EJC. The group that will gather in Pittsburgh is a wonderful and welcoming community of leaders who are committed to helping the next generation of advocates navigate the field– take advantage of the offer! View your time at EJC as an opportunity to both learn from your experienced colleagues and to start building a professional network that will help you achieve your programmatic goals.

Also take the time to get to know others new to the field, as these are the folks who you will be working with over the course of your career.

Ps. Don’t forget your business cards!

Plan for the present – and the future

If you’re new to your position, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of information thrown your way. Make sure to review the agenda beforehand, and strategize how best to utilize your time at the conference. Attend sessions that will be helpful for your current projects, but also sit in on panels that may provide information to help you prepare for work to come.

Keep the inspiration alive

You’ll likely be hit by inspiration several times during the conference. Don’t let these great ideas get away! Take the time at the end of each day – or the weekend – to reflect and debrief. Jot down your thoughts to share later with your colleagues and help you develop an action plan. You’ll be happy you did when you return to your office and find yourself back in the swing of your daily tasks and responsibilities.

Stay connected via social media

The hashtag for the 2017 Equal Justice Conference is #ejc17. Please use this hashtag on social media to stay connected! 

We Hope to See You in Pittsburgh!

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