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Community Lawyering: Using Lowbono as a Resource for Clients and Practitioners

The idea of lowbono, or legal services offered at a significantly discounted rate to low, middle income or underrepresented communities, is often discussed within the pro bono community. Luz Herrera, Co-Founder and Board President of Community Lawyers, Inc. (CLI), has … Continue reading

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What People Think I Do: Pro Bono Managers

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The Value of Pro Bono

Earlier this week I read Rob Jackson‘s blog post, Value, cost and volunteer management, an excellent reflection on the interrelationships between cost and value in volunteer management. The thrust of the post is that organizations facing tough budget decisions should consider … Continue reading

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Is Your Program Connected To Your Constituency?

While reading a blog post on The Accidental Rebranding of Komen for the Cure I began to think about non-profit branding and marketing as it relates to pro bono. In that post, Kivi Miller[1] discusses how Susan G. Komen for … Continue reading

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How Can Technology Facilitate Pro Bono?

I recently read Stephanie Kimbro’s blog post, Connecting the Dots Between E-Laywering and Legal Services, and found her discussion of technology in the provision of pro bono services both insightful and thought-provoking. My personal sense is that for many pro bono … Continue reading

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